Herbs to Fight Cellulite


Cellulite is basically of cosmetic concern to women and don’t pose any serious health risks. The basic reason behind cellulite formation is the poor circulation of lymph which carries waste materials and toxins from various tissues to the blood. There are several natural cures to get rid of cellulite. Herbs are just one of them. Herbs are a kind of medicinal plants that are used to strengthen weak body systems and to give a boost to body’s own healing and recuperating abilities.

Here are some of the herbs that can help to remove cellulite:

1)      Gotu kola is one of those herbs that have stimulant properties. It aids the body to produce substances that make the collagen fibers strong and also improve the circulation of blood. Gotu Kolu also helps to slow down the process of hardening of connective tissues below the surface of the skin. It also helps to make the vein walls strong, therefore avoiding damaged and leaking veins. It also improves the flexibility of the connective tissues. This results in improving the skin tone and skin firmness. The extract of Gotu Kola can be used in different anti cellulite creams and supplements.

2)      Horse chestnut is another herb with stimulant properties. One of its constituent Aescin, helps to reduce the poresize of the capillary walls and improve their tone by improving the flow of blood. This as a result helps to reduce cellulite. This is the reason why Aescin is a valuable component of hand creams, lotions and cellulite removal products.

3)      Grape seed extract is another natural remedy for cellulite. Grape seeds act as an antioxidant and also work to maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels. It also contains components like flavonoids and tannings that help to strengthen the walls of small veins and lymphatic vessels. It also improves circulation from legs which results in preventing cellulite.

4)      Ginkgo biloba is a vasodilator which helps to boost circulation. It ensures a smooth passage of blood by acting as an antioxidant and reducing the formation of damaged oxidized cholesterol on the vessels.

5)      Kelp due to its high iodine content helps in boosting the body’s metabolism and thus helps to burn more calories. IT also has mucilage, a natural component that avoids fluid retention. This component is often used in different cellulite treatments as body wraps.

6)      Green tea is an antioxidant and blood thinning agent. At least one cup a day is recommendable.

7)      Some herbs like dandelion help to break down waste products and toxins. It also helps the kidneys to remove these waste products and toxins from the blood. The leaves of the dandelion can be added to salads or can be cooked like spinach.

8)      Many other herbs and natural products like sweet clover, sea weed, lecithins, lemons etc are some of the harmless remedies to reduce cellulite. They can be rubbed on affected areas three to four times a day regularly.

Herbal remedies are a harmless way to reduce cellulite. They improve blood flow and also tone the capillary walls under the skin surface which therefore results in improving the skin texture and eliminating cellulite.

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