Do you still believe analgesics are the only way to relieve you of your pain?

If so, it is time to get yourself introduced to Auricular therapy that efficaciously reduces pain and appetite without any risk of side effects. Based on the evaluation and simulation of the ear, can be used to identify and address health conditions in other parts of the body. It is a kind of an alternative medicine or a form of acupuncture, relying on the specific ear points. It is non-needle approach of acupuncture is that the guiding force of Auricular therapy.


Having its roots in ancient China, the science of acupuncture world’s oldest therapeutic techniques. The father of Greek Medicine, Hippocrates stated health could be influenced by working with the ear.

With acupuncture as foundation, a French Neurologist Paul Nogier advanced the Auricular therapy. He put forward that there exist specific points in and around human ear and each of the point relates to the organs and processes in the human body. He speculated that the problems in the internal organs could be detected by measuring impulses over the skin of the human ear.
As of today’s scenario, there are three main ideologies of Auricular science.

  • Theory of 3 phases
  • Chinese ear map
  • German Form

How Exactly The Therapy Works?

If your brain is a computer and body a monitor, then ear acts as a keyboard or mouse, mapping each action performed. Using the auricular therapy, a number of painful conditions can be treated using brain (computer).

As claimed by oriental medicine, the actual cause or the reason for the pain is blockage of Qi energy in the acupuncture apex network, which in turns creates an imbalance. Simulation of specific ear points activates the two-directional connections, thus bringing back balanced energy and righteous flow of Qi energy.

All Across Globe
Though originated in China, the Auricular therapy is raising its flag of benefits and healing abilities across the globe. Well-documented science of Auricular therapy is internationally researched. The same, as listed by the WHO (an apex body of the UN) can treat around 150 conditions of neurology and orthopedics.


Auricular therapy is the answer to many chronic health conditions. By detecting electrical impulses, the problematic areas can be examined and treated. An ancient Chinese methodology, which has been used in the East for thousands of years, has four major benefits, is relieved from pain, helps in weight loss, increases the overall energy, and eliminates the need for prescription drugs.

  • Relieves from Pain

The science of AA (Auricular acupuncture) is an effective treatment for various pain conditions. Some scientists even believe that pain relief associated with Auricular therapy comes with the discharge of endorphins. They are pain-relieving chemicals released by the human brain. The endorphins are the neurotransmitters and are secreted by the pituitary glands. They are similar to analgesics or opiates available in the market in the behaviour.

  • Helps in Weight Loss

By focusing the pressure points in and around the ear can undergo a weight loss experience.  It works by reducing the hunger pangs (excessive cravings of food at irregular intervals). One can reduce food craving and this in turn curtails excessive dietary intake. However, acupuncture medicine deals with needles, but in this a mild electrical stimulation

Instead of using needles that can be painful and discomforting, mild electrical stimulation is used to interrupt the brain signals demanding food at irregular time. Auricular therapy has a high rate of success among individuals who take the therapy seriously with determination and a strong will to lose weight.

  • Increases Overall Energy

AA focuses on bringing energy balance to the human body. It promotes the proper flow of Qi energy. Auricular Acupuncture is effective to fight against fatigue and lethargy. Those who suffer from seasonal disorders or depression, the science of AA can help them bring energy to their body.

  • Miracle Science for Addicts

AA has shown its efficacy with smoking addictions and abuse of drugs. Auricular acupuncture has delivered many successful results.

  • Eradicating the Requirement for Prescription Medications.

Why indulge in prescription drugs like analgesic or opiates to treat you, when prescription-less science of AA can deliver efficient results.

Bio: Morris York has contributed articles for several health-based blogs and currently works at Kamagra Shop as the editor-in-chief.

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